My friend Tara took last weekend to clear her head. She spent time on her farm doing hard outdoor work. She said she needed it. For teachers this time of year is straight out exhausting. There’s the weight of the closing year, the need for final grades, the wondering if we’ve done enough for the group of children we’ve come to love. I, for one, am completely exhausted. It’s been a rough year for me. My new job as a gifted and talented teacher has few boundaries, but lots of public commentary.

I miss the classroom. I’ve been writing a lot and am loving it, but more and more I want to write children’s books and for children’s magazines. I took a detour into writing for adults and making more money than I’ve ever made, it was exhilarating. I told my Voxer writing group that I felt like I had to leave teaching, but then something changed yesterday. I met with my writing group of girls. They told me they wanted to tell me some things. They told me that they have loved being with me this year.
They said I gave them voice, I let them talk.
They said I gave them choice, I let them decide to work on memoir all year.
They said I made them work, but it felt like passion.

I fell back in love with teaching.

I guess I needed to clear my head. I wish I had a farm to do hard outdoor work. I needed it. For me, this year has been exhausting. But when I stand back and look at the children I’ve built relationships with, I know I’d do it all over again.