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My mother would sometimes put me, my older brother, and my twin brother in a cab on Sundays and send us down to 865 Madison Avenue. As acolytes and choir singers at St James Episcopal Church in New York City, we needed to be there each Sunday. We would hop out of the taxi and run up the stairs of the huge church in the middle of the city where we felt very much at home. Racing downstairs to the basement, we’d pull out our white robes and rope belts and get ready for Sunday.
TRUST by keeping things simple and clear
It was here in church where we felt prepared for life. For how we were supposed to act and dress. It was all very clear. Sometimes a confusing life demands one day of the week where a person can stop and take stock. Church has always been a place of calm for me. In those days in NYC, the minister was a brilliant man who gave sermons that were extraordinary. His talk was filled with how to care for each other. It was there I developed my first concepts about purpose. 
TRUST by spending your time working to be kinder to people
“Why are we here?” Who knows, but let’s be kind to each other while we are. That would be my version of following in Jesus’ footsteps. For me Jesus is the perfect parable for who we should strive to be. In fact much of my teaching and non-profit work is purposefully guided by “be kind to others” as a mantra.
TRUST by building the kind of relationships you need in the world.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.