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I’ve been reading a lot about global education. The more I read, the more I wanted to ensure my students understood it’s importance in a seamless way. I wanted global education to be a lens through which they saw everything they learned. My research drove me to set new goals for my teaching:

  • Students will understand how people in other places think and learn
  • Students will learn how education affects all parts of our lives and world
  • Students will engage in real work with students from other parts of the world.

The more I used global education as a lens for what I wanted to teach, the more focused and interesting the learning became. My students are thrilled at the idea. My starting project is with my friend Julieanne who teaches fifth grade in Los Angeles. She and I matched up my high flying fourth graders at one of the schools where I teach with some of her students. We chose three books that had themes of global value: disabilities, poverty, and belonging. Then we set up a google doc with the instructions and scaffolding for recording and sharing their thinking.

We’ve just begun, but I can already tell you their focus and willingness to read and write about their reading has increased exponentially.