It is my pleasure to host this week’s Poetry Friday. I encourage you to visit the blogs of those who have posted, read their poetry, and connect with them through your comments.


Last year I put a bright red hummingbird feeder outside my screened-in front porch. “How will the hummingbirds know how to find it?” my husband asked. I shrugged my shoulders. I was neither a gardener nor a birder yet, but I had my hopes. Not ten minutes after, I heard a rustle and looked up from my journal to find a miracle. A tiny green bird was drinking from my new feeder. I felt like I was watching a fairy slip through a secret door on the side of my house.

A few weeks later, a teacher friend came to observe my classroom. As a gift, she brought me a book of poetry by Kristine O’Connell George. In 26 poems, Hummingbird Nest chronicles a two month period about a hummingbird nest found in a backyard patio. It is like a sneak peek inside someone’s journal. I learned about nature, hummingbirds, nesting, and documenting observations.

This book has become an old friend, keeping my miraculous moment fresh each time I open it up. I bring this book out every chance I get. It is a marvelous way to show children and adults how the tightly wound, shortness of structure lends itself well to an entire lifecycle which can occur in just two months. I’ve also been inspired by this to consider using its structure when I write a poem a day in April this year. Here are two poems from the book: one about the finding of the bird and the next about when her new eggs hatched later on in the following month.