Today I showed this video to my sixth grade students. Then I asked them to respond in poetic form.

I care about Syria.
It is cruel to reject exiles
That are yearning to be free.
They are escaping from their country
Because it is not safe for them to stay.
3.8 million people – including thousands of children –
Are trying to stay alive, but our government thinks that
They are dangerous and will not let those poor refugees
Cross our border just because our government will not save
Over a million lives. That needs to change. We need to change.

This. Is. Not. Okay. (Charlotte)


Syrian refugees crossing the border,
yearning to escape the cruelty.

Exiles have no decision,
to leave their own country.

Trying to save their families,
trying to earn back their dignity.

they understand,

that freedom isn’t free. (Stacy)


Wanting freedom.
No hope
No escape.
Syrian refugees.
3.8 million out
Yet only 36 allowed in
Big decisions
Risk your life
possible death.
Save Syrian people.

They want to escape. (Brock)


Our country is a melting pot of immigration
Exiles trying to
Do we have dignity,
and open our borders to them?
Provide them with a place to go?
Or do we turn our backs to them,
and let them
It is a decision of life
Or death
Are we willing to choose? (Peyton)


Syrian refugees have been
yearning for
from their country
for years.
Having countries
a sense of dignity, and
closing borders with no way to get in,
give the refugees a hard decision.
whether or not to leave their country.
A chance of death if they leave.
Almost certain death if they stay.

A secure home. (Peter)