Write. Share. Give. Join the March Slice of Life Story Challenge @ Two Writing Teachers

After I climb out of 
Bed in the morning, I 
Downstairs to 
Encourage myself to 
Find something I can 
Glean out my one small 
Happy life. 
Just need one minute detail to help me share 
Kimberley with 
Lovely teacher-writers. 
Maybe coffee will help 
Nudge an idea my way. If 
Only it were that easy. If only a drink could 
Prepare my brain and my 
Quiet typing fingers for a 
Real slice of life
Story that will show how much I 
Trust my readers to 
Understand the 
Very honest stories of my one 
Wild and Juicy life. My blog posts are where I sign my name on the 
X to show this is me developed through
You to help me reach the 
Zenith in my life, through the power of words.