Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is editing?

Editing is a term used to describe all of the processes on the path to finishing a book. There are different kinds of editors depending on what type of editing you’re looking for. I primarily offer developmental editing and coaching.

Developmental editing focuses on strengthening the story, characters, and plot. It helps the writer develop their story into something entertaining and marketable.

I do not do copy edits or proofreads, meaning that I do not check grammar, punctuation, formatting, or word use.

Do you fix everything in my book so I can publish it?

Not really.

Editors work with authors by pointing out where their work could be strengthened. It is up to the author to decide if they want to make the changes, then make changes desired and correct the issues. Editors do not rewrite your book for you, though they may offer suggestions for ways to improve.

The typical edit will consist of notes similar to the following:

I’m wondering why you feel like this scene is necessary. What are you hoping to accomplish here? Could you do the same thing by having her drop out of school instead of get expelled?

Is there something symbolic about the terms you’ve made up? I’m thinking you might want to give your readers a clue to this so they can discover the secret on their own.

Do I have to accept every edit?

Absolutely not. You know what your intentions are. Often I’ll explain why I was confused or where things could be tightened up which will serve to inform your process. But, if an edit doesn’t feel right to you, you get to make the final choice. Writing is such a personal process and though I work to be kind, you’re hiring me to give you critical feedback to strengthen your work. That said, we might disagree, and that’s okay.

Do you ever refuse to edit someone’s work?

I will never refuse to work on a novel due to content unless the novel glorifies hateful, bigoted, or cruel behavior.

Are there any genres you won’t edit?

Generally, I will edit any genre. The only exception to this is historical fiction that needs fact checking. I do not include fact checking in my editing services because I do not feel qualified to do so.

Do you edit books for kids?

Yes! In fact, I consider middle grade and chapter books my specialty.

What are your favorite types of books?

I love books that take me on a personal journey with someone. I also seek out books that have witty characters who challenge me to think in new ways. I’ve read a lot of books and I’m always surprised at how writers come up with something new every time.