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Writing helps you understand the world, and find your place in it. (Katherine Applegate)

My son is struggling to find his place in the world. I wasn’t going to share it here, but I do my best thinking on my blog. 

My boy is extraordinary. He is brilliant, but sensitive and empathetic in a way that might make Ghandi stop and take notes. I’ve had to push him to be willing to read books where sad things happen because he feels it so intensely and so he avoids that explosion of emotion. I pushed him because, well think about it, is there any book worth reading that doesn’t have something sad happen? Sadness makes us understand motive and purpose. It is no coincidence that in the movie Inside Out, Sadness is the most critical component of human emotion.

As parents, we have struggled to help my son through his school experience and lack of social life. He does make great friends outside of school, but they are usually older and more respectful of his identity. It is October 6th and instead of settling in to the new school year, my son seems more restless and bored. He is almost entirely disengaged from his school learning. So this afternoon, my husband and I move into unchartered waters. We are meeting with the principal to make a plan to transition Felix to the middle school this month. He will skip the rest of fifth grade. I am basing this huge decision on the concept that it could help, it won’t be worse. It is these times when I need to call on the universe to show me that this is, in some small part, the right path for him. 

He deserves it.