Today is the first student day of school. Usually this is a time when I can barely think about my own children. I am consumed with making sure the first or second graders coming into my classroom are greeted with joy and a beautiful space. This year is different though. This year I am separate from the beginning of school, in a sense. I am the gifted and talented teacher which matters, for sure. But I am a firm believer in classroom culture. So I am stepping back for a couple of days to let the students learn about their classmates.

This means I have more time for my own children and they are grateful for that. They cannot believe that I will be able to walk them into their school this year. Their gratitude makes me wonder how hard it is to be the child of a teacher. This is the year I will be able to give more to them and for that I am the one who is grateful.

This time today also reminded me that I had not considered how to develop my own classroom culture in the 30-60 minutes a WEEK (!) that I get with these interesting children called GT. I plan to investigate that because as I said before, culture is critical to the learning space. I think I’ll do some action research.