It’s December and I’m cheating, or let’s just call it planning ahead. I’ve already decided on my OLW–one little word for those unsure. Happiness. It really cannot be overrated. I bought myself two presents for Christmas. I do that. I like to be sure I give myself something that I know I’ll use. The cheating part is that I’m already reading one of the books.

This book:

I’m reading it because I need to be ready on January 1 to spring into action. Based on this book which is well written and perfect for someone like me who really needs to plan and set goals, I have decided to slow way down on my writing freelance work and focus only on writing a children’s chapter book. I’ve given myself three months which means either March 1 or April 1 depending on when I hit my stride. Even I agree that it may be missing the mark to start this project December 1 since that is such a busy month, but I’m leaving that option open. So I’m wrapping up all of my other projects and focusing solely on my family, my teaching, and this writing project. For some, this might seem like a lot, but for me it’s a major slow down and I’m thrilled. The funny thing is that I never expected to be headed in this direction. I felt like I was wanting to leave teaching, but what I found was that I’m a teacher and teachers don’t leave teaching. They can’t. It’s in their blood.

The second book which may be exciting for some of you as well is her companion journal:

It is so pretty and that makes me happy. Inside are five lines per day, for the five years of the journal record. I am going to write one sentence per day starting January 1 about what made me happy that day. I’m excited. Why? Because I can do it. This is a no-brainer for me. When I saw this quote, I knew this was my path.