It’s been a great summer. I am transformed in so many ways. 

As a writer:

  • I joined a new community filled with writers
  • I went to writing workshops
  • I started developing a real freelance writing career
  • I turned myself into a bonafide writer

As a teacher:

I thought I would be sad to start planning my year because I thought it would make me feel like I wasn’t pursuing my writing seriously enough, but I found that I missed my classroom and I can’t wait to see those kids in September. My room is going to be transformed because are bonafide writer is now teaching them.
As a blogger:
So I’m very glad to be back and ready to connect. Starting Tuesday, August 18th, I plan to launch back into slice of life Tuesdays and poetry Fridays. I’m not committing to anything else right now because that’s what caused my screeching halt.