Jane Yolen said she writes a poem a day because it helps her grow as a writer and come up with new ideas. In 2015, Mary Lee Hahn asked me if I wanted to join her in April to write a poem a day. I thought it was insane, but she’s a pretty persuasive person. “It’ll be great!” she said. “You’ll love the community.”
I did. I loved everyone. I couldn’t believe there was this amazing community of smart, thoughtful, observant poets out there. My poems were occasionally good and more often just okay, but they did exactly what Yolen said they would. They helped me grow as a writer. I started considering my use and placement of words. I started realizing that sometimes poetry comes out of you in ways you least expect.
The following poem was written by me during that April in 2015. This particular poem stuck with me for a year until one night I woke with a start, ran downstairs, and started writing a book about the girl. I’ve rewritten this book three times now, but finally it feels ready to share. At the end of this month I’m meeting with an agent about this book and possibly about it being the first in a book series.
All because I wrote a poem a day.

Desire by Kimberley Moran
It was sparkly…and glittery
in the light.
She held it up to the window
to show her friend.
I wanted it.
Oh, how I wanted
that crystal.
I watched her slip the pink gem into
its purple leather pouch.
I saw her tuck it
into the front pocket
of her backpack.
I thought about that treasure
all through writing.
I even wrote about it.
I thought about that prize
all through math.
When everyone ran outside
to recess–I stayed behind.
I traced my hand over
her backpack.
I leaned on the door.
I meant to go out. But,
then I backed up and
–I opened the zipper.
I slipped my hand in slowly.
I tucked my finger
into the pouch.
I gently touched it and felt its power.
I breathed in slowly through my nose,
then let it out through my mouth.
My eyes teared up.
It would never be mine.
I zipped the pocket back up
walked slowly outside.