I have left my second grade teaching position. I never feel sad about leaving something. I did love the people in my school–loved the camaraderie, loved my best friend being down the hall for a quick chat or joke as I walked through her classroom, mostly loved my teaching partner whom I was excited to see each morning. I won’t miss those people though, I will have them in my life in different ways now. I will instead remember those times fondly because we laughed a lot.

I love the adventures I have in my life. I am not afraid to try new things. In fact, I throw myself into my new ventures as a researcher on a hot trail to discover the previously undiscovered.

I will be the new gifted and talented teacher in our district. There are only two of us and it is a big district. We focus primarily on grades 3-8. We met yesterday and I was thrilled to find someone who threw around big ideas and exciting projects in the same way I do. We talked books and intellect and how we want things to be this year.

I will also continue to make writing a priority in my life. One of my personal essays was recently accepted at a major online magazine. They want me to change it a bit, but I do hope it comes to fruition despite the fact that it reveals something about me I’ve kept closely guarded for most of my life. I am open to the reveal though. I am working at living as authentically as possible these days which is impossible if you are unwilling to share your downfalls. I will continue to work on writing about my passions as well as my story which when coupled with my situation makes my story aligned with yours and completely mine.