Today as every Tuesday, I am writing with my friends at Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life.

I have too much going on and because I love everything I’m doing, I am not sure what to cut out. Here’s the run-down:

  • Gifted and Talented Teacher
  • Two Gifted and Talented graduate courses to complete certification
  • Writing education content for Academic Partnerships
  • Taking a course called Upping Your Game about writing for publications
  • Trying to start up a writing group
  • Being on the leadership committee for the Maine Writing Project
  • Preparing for teaching a workshop about depth and complexity for a conference
  • Editing an article coming out in
  • Waiting for more info about an accepted article for

This is in addition to being a good partner to my husband and being a good mother to my two children who are just 8 and 10. The thing is that I love being too busy. I just like it more when I am super organized about what needs to get done when. As I read through Two Writing Teacher posts about setting up toolkits, it occurs to me that perhaps I should be setting up a tool kit for myself. I wonder what that might look like? It seems like it might require a new bag system. I need a bag with lots of compartments for the different facets of my life. Books for my graduate courses, a padded slot for my laptop, a section for my writing notebook, and a place for my wallet and keys that I keep losing as I shuffle my things around. Who could I pitch this idea to? 31 bags. No, stop, I can’t add anymore pitches to my life. I am moving forward, busy but so happy that I have surrounded myself with ways to make my life richer and more complete.