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I’ve been thinking a lot about my reading life and the order with which I read books. I’m not the fastest reader and I like to go through books one at a time start to finish. I’ve enforced some rules around my reading because I blog about books now. So there is always a book that must be read for a review. 
This has its good and bad points. The good is that I am reading books now that I might not have read without my self-imposed rules. The bad is that the book I’ve been dying to read is sitting on my nightstand unopened. I see it when I hop in bed and wish I could read it.
I have a tight group of Voxer friends whose voices speak to me even when I haven’t told them the issue yet. J. would say I should give myself a break and not worry too much. T. would say that sometimes the commitment can bring good things we don’t even know about yet. M. would say I need to let things go so that I can do the things I need for my soul. 
I am loving the reading I’m doing, but I am missing that book which sits on my nightstand. Is there a way to do both? Must you give up one in order to get the other? I am working on that.

**teacher note: Is this how kids feel during the school year?