Parenthood is riddled with mishaps and insecurities. Well meaning adults, small needy people, suffocating environments that test the limits of your patience. In all of this, it’s good to know that someone’s got your back (and, sometimes, enough money to spot you). Here are 6 things your parenting BFF will do for you:

1. Your parenting BFF knows exactly what wine you drink

And makes sure to have it stocked for when you come over.

2. Your parenting BFF talks to you about your child

And you can hear the truth.

3. Your parenting BFF knows the rules without asking

And enforces them when you’ve already lost your mind.

4. Your parenting BFF sticks up for you

Even when you aren’t that right. Because, loyalty.

5. Your parenting BFF covers you when you don’t have the money

Because you’ve covered things before.

6. Your parenting BFF is the first person you call

And you know the call will be picked up.